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The Perfect Outdoor Wedding

3 Feb

The GREAT OUTDOORS is a wonderful idea when considering a wedding venue. Despite a few hurdles such as permits, bugs, and weather, if planned right, your outdoor wedding can fulfill all of your wedding day dreams. Here are my tips on how to have an awesome wedding outdoors.

1. Location! Location! Location!

Choosing the right location matters. Whether it be a roof-top, a garden, or the woods, make sure it’s the right location. Ask yourself the following questions about your outdoor venue:

a. Check the noise potential. If the site is located near a railroad, airport, fire department, police department or any other locations where noise can be a factor, consider that the noise may disrupt your wedding ceremony. If you choose a location near a train station, make sure to check the schedule and plan for your ceremony to take place in between train arrivals.

b. Are there any great photo opportunity spots? Choosing the right photographer can really help with this aspect. A good photographer will know how to turn any venue or ceremony spot into a beautiful memorable scene.

c. Make sure it matches the formality of your wedding. A unique outdoor location would best go with a semi formal to informal wedding. Can you imagine ball gowns and tuxedo’s at the lake at the height of summer? That would be awkward and not to mention hot.

2. Think of your guests.

a. Make sure your guests are comfortable because if they aren’t that will be the memory that they have. Lemonade and personal fans will keep guests cool in the summer heat. Create a Lemonade stand and have 2 children pour and serve Lemonade to your guests before they are seated.





b.Fans will help guests keep cool and they can also be used as your wedding programs.








c. The thing that your guests will most appreciate about your outdoor wedding is NO BUGS. Prevent bugs by using citronella candles. Tiki torches are decorative as well as resourceful.





A cool idea would be to rent shades if its going to be a day when the sun is at its best.







3. Don’t forget your back up plan.

Rain can only be predicted 2 weeks before your wedding date and since you can’t plan a wedding in 2 weeks, its best to have a back up plan. Have a tent or reception hall on stand by is the best thing you can do. Make sure to create a rain plan and indicate it on your invitations and coordinate it with vendors.

If you decide to embrace the rain,  make sure to supply enough umbrella’s for your guests. Also, add special touches to make it seem like it was on purpose. Have cute rain boots on stand by for your wedding for awesome photo-ops and matching parasol’s for the ladies