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Blooming HairDo’s

11 Apr

  Adding a floral accent to your hair on your wedding day is a great idea for the bride of any season. A floral accessory doesn’t have to be your typical side single flower behind your ear, nor does it have to be attached to a pony tail.  Make the flower big, make it colorful, and don’t restrict the arrangement.  Attach your birdcage veil to create a contemporary look or create a beautiful crown to maintain a classic look. The best flowers to use are flowers with lots of petals such as roses, ranunculus, & gardenia’s just to name a few. The look above from Style Hive is really one of my favorites! The hydrangeas act as a head piece more than just an accent adding a look that is unique and chic. Below are my favorite ways brides have incorporated flowers into their hairstyles.


Elana Walker, CWP