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Keep them cute, Keep them busy

24 Jun

Incorporating children into your wedding can add an innocence and a cute-factor to your wedding. But, let’s face it, weddings aren’t “kid friendly”. As a planner, I love ring bearers and flower girls at wedding but there is nothing worst than a poorly behaved child.

1st step to adding children in your wedding is to make them look really really cute. Whether you go for something very unique or themed, your guests are going to want to see cute and innocent children. Caution: don’t make them look older than what they are.

2nd, give them something to do. A simple walk down the aisle isn’t all that fun for them. Especially when there are several eyes gazing upon them. Distract them with a task such as ringing a bell, carrying balloons and releasing them, carrying a sign, or the traditional sprinkling flower petals.

 3rd offer them kid friendly dining. Having them sit with boring adults will not only damper the mood for them but for their parents too. Create a table just for them.

4th Give them something fun to do. A fun activity that will last them through the boring dances and yucky kissing.

Finally, let them dance. These photos are great memories that you can use to embarrass them later in life. And everyone gets a kick out of kids dancing. After all, they have all the best moves.


Real Wedding- The Garner Whiting Wedding

11 Apr

Leslie contacted me from an ad she saw of mine and we set up a consultation. The first thing I noticed is that they both has on red shirts which they would often happen during most of our meetings. lol.  We sat down in Panera Bread to discuss their wedding. This meeting was like no other meeting with a potential client that I’d had before.  Before I knew it, they took over the meeting and flipped it into an interview. Not a single smile was cracked. They asked me question after question while I continued to smile and answer their questions as honestly as I could. I’m use to being able to make potential clients laugh or smile but not them. After the meeting,  I just knew I blew it in some way. Then one evening, totally out of the blue Leslie called me to inform me that they were interested in me being their wedding planner. I was so excited and surprised… The next time I met them, they were a completely new couple!!!  There were smiles and laughing and lots of jokes!! I was even more excited now.  They completely tricked me!! Here I thought they were going to be stuffy only to find out that they are the complete opposite. I LOVED meeting with them and seeing the two of them interact. They told me about Leslie catching the bouquet at her friends wedding and then soon after they got engaged. We later used the footage during the ceremony of her catching the bouquet right before she walked down the aisle. They shared how they both hold bachelors degree’s in biology and recently became homeowners.  I loved Leslie’s laid back personality and Joseph, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, kept me entertained with his humor each time we met.

The color scheme they chose was Cranberry, Chocolate, and Cream.

One of the things that I loved about them as well is that they trusted my guidance to produce the wedding of their dreams. From vendor selection to the coordination of the day, it felt like they trusted my professional perspective every step of the way. When we met they already chose Grand Marquise Ballroom in Garner, NC as their venue. From there, they choose Best Perspectives Photography and DJ B4. As their florist, I referred them to the wonderful Vickie Garner of The Flower Station in Sanford, NC. Their tables were dressed in cranberry colored linens and centerpieces provided by Creative Touch Designs. They chose Urbana Catering Concepts and served mini cakes to their guests by Sugar Fetish Cakery.


The love that Joseph has and shows for Leslie is so apparent and I LOVED THAT. He was definitely an involved groom during the process. Leslie was such a beautiful bride and on her wedding day, she had a glow of excitement about her. I was truly honored and blessed to be a part of their special day.

Top 3 Money Saving Tips

1. Their venue selection was very beautiful on it’s own which allowed them to save on not having to do a lot of decorating. Instead of having something very elaborate, they chose a simple cylinder vase with a submerged flower and a beautiful linen.

2. They had a October wedding which is at the end of wedding season.

3. Their videographer, Troy Davis of Cinematic Wedding Creations gave a “brotherhood” discount since they are both members of Kappa Alpha Pis Fraternity.


Planning: Savoir-Faire, Event Planning & Management

Catering: Urbana Catering Concepts

Photography: Best Perspectives Photography

Videography: Cinematic Wedding Creations

Cake: Sugar Fetish Cakery

Florist: The Flower Station

Event Design & Rentals: Creative Touch Designs

Make Up: Sammy Jo Make Up Artistry


Elana Walker, CWP

Blooming HairDo’s

11 Apr

  Adding a floral accent to your hair on your wedding day is a great idea for the bride of any season. A floral accessory doesn’t have to be your typical side single flower behind your ear, nor does it have to be attached to a pony tail.  Make the flower big, make it colorful, and don’t restrict the arrangement.  Attach your birdcage veil to create a contemporary look or create a beautiful crown to maintain a classic look. The best flowers to use are flowers with lots of petals such as roses, ranunculus, & gardenia’s just to name a few. The look above from Style Hive is really one of my favorites! The hydrangeas act as a head piece more than just an accent adding a look that is unique and chic. Below are my favorite ways brides have incorporated flowers into their hairstyles.


Elana Walker, CWP

Bouquet Tuesday: Ranunculus

11 Apr

The Ranunculus is such a beautifully engaging flower which adds the a soft touch to any wedding. The symbol of this flower is radiant charm which is very fitting. The term Ranunculus stems from the Latin  word rana for “frog” probably because they are native to wet areas. One of the wonderful aspects of this flower is that it comes in a variety of colors. From pink to orange to red to purple, choosing this flower will be easy to fit into your color scheme.













Elana Walker, CWP

Easter Wedding

8 Apr

Easter makes a great day for a morning wedding/brunch reception. Use the season and holiday to inspire your color pallet of pastels and pale tones. Since it’s spring, so many flowers are in bloom however, Easter is a floral holiday so make sure you place your flower orders early. Don’t be afraid to add a unique hat to your dress accented with a veil. Gentlemen can wear distinctive seersucker suites with brown shoe’s while the bridesmaids can wear a variety of Easter colored dresses. The Easter egg  represents “new life” so personalize your wedding with these colored eggs. Choosing Easter as your wedding date can prove to be a spiritually perfect day to start your life together.



Savoir-Faire, Event Planning & Management

Real Wedding- The Lowery Perry Wedding

8 Apr

Meeting Kim was like a breath of fresh air. We connected so well mostly because we both LOVE to laugh and we did lot’s of that during the planning of her wedding. She selected the Grand Marquise Ballroom in Garner, NC for her ceremony and reception site while I referred her to the delicious food of Urbana Catering Concepts. Her color scheme of plum, silver, and black was beautiful throughout the ballroom. Complimentary candy buffet and event decor provided by Savoir-Faire, Event Planning & Mgmt along with stationary by Amiti’e Events provided the personalization that made her wedding come to life. The day of her wedding was filled with beautiful natural hair ladies and gentlemen. From locs to twists true natural beauty rang.

Top 3 Money Saving Tips

1. The Lowery Perry Wedding took place during the month of December. Having your wedding during the “off season” offers deals and discounts that wouldn’t  happen during the typical wedding season.

2. Stationary was gifted by her Aunt. She made the favor boxes for the candy table, invitations, programs, and guestbook.

3. By getting her wedding flowers and planning with the same company, she spent less than she would have going through a separate florist.

Venue: Grand Marquise Ballroom

Photography: Art By Ash for Savoir-Faire, Event Planning & Management

Linens: Careli Rental Services, LLC

Cake: Cinda’s Creative Cakes

Planning & Florals: Savoir-Faire, Event Planning & Managment


Make Up: S. Davis Make Up Artistry

Real Wedding- The McKendall Jones Wedding

8 Apr

The day Jenelle called me her first question was “Do you do weddings in Sanford, NC? I I met with her, her fiance’ and their son Jackson who was the cutest little fella! I found out that they met while Jenelle was buying a car from the dealership that Rickie worked at.  We discussed so many things during that first encounter and upon leaving, I was truly excited to get started.

One of the things that I loved about Jenelle is that the things she knew she wanted about her wedding, were solid but the things she was unsure about, she was open to my professional suggestions. Jenelle knew she wanted her ceremony at Jonesboro Presbyterian Church and Dennis Wicker Civic Center for her reception site.

Her color scheme was black white and red.

She choose black wedding dresses from Davids Bridal and Vickie from The Flower Station in Sanford, NC designed beautiful bouquets of black magic roses.

Her wedding ceremony was so beautiful. The Flower Station provided the altar and pew flowers.

With the help of Total Production Service adding lighting, lanterns, and the monogram, we transformed the blank civic center into a beautiful chic venue.An ice sculpture of their monogram provided by AMD Ice Scultpures was positioned right behind them.

Their delicious 4 layer cake was provided by Sugar Fetish Cakery.

Top 3 Money Saving Tips:

1. Getting married outside of a larger city proved to have lower pricing than getting married inside of the local major city.

2. Having fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen saved on floral costs than having 7+ on each side.

3. Creating your own stationary through websites such as Zazzle gives you the control over your stationary cost.

Photography: Best Perspectives Photography

Videography: Hardy Video Productions

Make Up: S. Davis Make Up Artistry

Cake: Sugar Fetish Cakery

Florist: The Flower Station

Lighting: Total Production Service


Make Up: S. Davis Make Up Artisrty

Planning: Savoir-Faire, Event Planning & Mgmt

6 Reasons to NOT hire a wedding planner.

7 Apr

1. You have a lot of time

Since you don’t have a job nor are you in school, you have a lot free time to research, interview tons of vendors, and plan out all of the details. You also have time to read and study wedding books from cover to cover so you will know all it takes to pull off a successful wedding. Studies have shown on average it takes couples 250 hours to plan their wedding and with nothing to do, you have plenty of time!

2. Your retired mother or a relative can help.

So maybe you have a job and your time is limited. I’m sure your retired mother or close relative can help. When it comes to helping you create the overall look of your wedding, you trust them because your taste is aligned perfectly and you can trust them execute your wedding exactly how you want it. After all, they never have an opinion about anything. They will take your vision and not apply their vision to it because they understand that this is your wedding, not their second chance at a wedding.


3. You’re rich so there is no need to save money

The recession hasn’t affected you and you have money to spend!! You don’t care about the reputation of your vendors because if they do a bad job, you can just recreate the once in a lifetime moment. Maybe with your next wedding…  You also have plenty of connections in the wedding industry so you know who offers the best deals for what you want.

4. You have super powers

You are woman hear you roar!! You have the power to be in more than 1 place at a time. You can get your make up done while you set up the decorations for your wedding ceremony and reception. You can enjoy your first dance as husband and wife while cuing the caterer to serve the main entree’. Wow!!

5. You handle stress very well

You handle the stress of your conflicting bridesmaids, uninvolved finance’, and, ever growing guest list from your in-laws very well.  If you lose friends during this process, oh well. You know exactly everything you want so this will be a stress-free process.

6. You are creative

You want your wedding to stand out and you have a lot of creative ideas. Whether your budget it small or large, you know how to transform a space into the vision of what you want your day to be.

Now that I got you thinking, hiring a wedding planner no matter your budget will be one of the best things you will treat yourself to. DIY planning is great but if you don’t have the time, a professional can save you not only time but also money. Many planners offer several planning packages to fit exactly the service you need. There is no excuse to have a mess of a wedding. You only get 1 day. Make it unforgettable.

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Lace

4 Apr

The revival of the lace wedding gown is here! So many designers from Rosa Clara to Pronovias to Rivini by Rita Vinieris are incorporating lace and bead work into ther 2012 collection.

How elegant is is St. Patrick design on this ball gown shaped wedding gown?!

This lace design that comes up the dress is beautifully paired with a beautiful lace veil.


Lace looks great on the bodice its self on directly on top of skin. This off the shoulder Rosa Clara is stunning. Covering the sweetheart design to the top of the gown to create sleeves is lovely for someone who wants to show a hint of skin.


The Anti-Flower Bouquet

3 Apr

Traditionally brides carry a bouquet of flowers as she walks down the aisle but, there are so many other options besides flower bouquets.


1. Feather Bouquet

A bouquet of feathers adds a soft whimsical look not to mention, it’s far less expensive than flowers.













2. Bridal Clutch

A beautiful clutch adds a touch of class to any wedding dress.




Great for outdoor summertime weddings. They look great while shielding you from the sun.










4. Broach Bouquet

I love broach bouquets! They can look as vintage as you want or as artistic as you want. They just add a different look to an old tradition.





5. Fan

Bridal fans are another fun item that can be creatively used in place of a bouquet. Add feathers, broaches, ribbon, and anything else to make it look as beautiful as you want.