Keep them cute, Keep them busy

24 Jun

Incorporating children into your wedding can add an innocence and a cute-factor to your wedding. But, let’s face it, weddings aren’t “kid friendly”. As a planner, I love ring bearers and flower girls at wedding but there is nothing worst than a poorly behaved child.

1st step to adding children in your wedding is to make them look really really cute. Whether you go for something very unique or themed, your guests are going to want to see cute and innocent children. Caution: don’t make them look older than what they are.

2nd, give them something to do. A simple walk down the aisle isn’t all that fun for them. Especially when there are several eyes gazing upon them. Distract them with a task such as ringing a bell, carrying balloons and releasing them, carrying a sign, or the traditional sprinkling flower petals.

 3rd offer them kid friendly dining. Having them sit with boring adults will not only damper the mood for them but for their parents too. Create a table just for them.

4th Give them something fun to do. A fun activity that will last them through the boring dances and yucky kissing.

Finally, let them dance. These photos are great memories that you can use to embarrass them later in life. And everyone gets a kick out of kids dancing. After all, they have all the best moves.


One Response to “Keep them cute, Keep them busy”

  1. Rosebud June 25, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    This is absolutely Wonderful!!! Love it.

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