Real Wedding- The Garner Whiting Wedding

11 Apr

Leslie contacted me from an ad she saw of mine and we set up a consultation. The first thing I noticed is that they both has on red shirts which they would often happen during most of our meetings. lol.  We sat down in Panera Bread to discuss their wedding. This meeting was like no other meeting with a potential client that I’d had before.  Before I knew it, they took over the meeting and flipped it into an interview. Not a single smile was cracked. They asked me question after question while I continued to smile and answer their questions as honestly as I could. I’m use to being able to make potential clients laugh or smile but not them. After the meeting,  I just knew I blew it in some way. Then one evening, totally out of the blue Leslie called me to inform me that they were interested in me being their wedding planner. I was so excited and surprised… The next time I met them, they were a completely new couple!!!  There were smiles and laughing and lots of jokes!! I was even more excited now.  They completely tricked me!! Here I thought they were going to be stuffy only to find out that they are the complete opposite. I LOVED meeting with them and seeing the two of them interact. They told me about Leslie catching the bouquet at her friends wedding and then soon after they got engaged. We later used the footage during the ceremony of her catching the bouquet right before she walked down the aisle. They shared how they both hold bachelors degree’s in biology and recently became homeowners.  I loved Leslie’s laid back personality and Joseph, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, kept me entertained with his humor each time we met.

The color scheme they chose was Cranberry, Chocolate, and Cream.

One of the things that I loved about them as well is that they trusted my guidance to produce the wedding of their dreams. From vendor selection to the coordination of the day, it felt like they trusted my professional perspective every step of the way. When we met they already chose Grand Marquise Ballroom in Garner, NC as their venue. From there, they choose Best Perspectives Photography and DJ B4. As their florist, I referred them to the wonderful Vickie Garner of The Flower Station in Sanford, NC. Their tables were dressed in cranberry colored linens and centerpieces provided by Creative Touch Designs. They chose Urbana Catering Concepts and served mini cakes to their guests by Sugar Fetish Cakery.


The love that Joseph has and shows for Leslie is so apparent and I LOVED THAT. He was definitely an involved groom during the process. Leslie was such a beautiful bride and on her wedding day, she had a glow of excitement about her. I was truly honored and blessed to be a part of their special day.

Top 3 Money Saving Tips

1. Their venue selection was very beautiful on it’s own which allowed them to save on not having to do a lot of decorating. Instead of having something very elaborate, they chose a simple cylinder vase with a submerged flower and a beautiful linen.

2. They had a October wedding which is at the end of wedding season.

3. Their videographer, Troy Davis of Cinematic Wedding Creations gave a “brotherhood” discount since they are both members of Kappa Alpha Pis Fraternity.


Planning: Savoir-Faire, Event Planning & Management

Catering: Urbana Catering Concepts

Photography: Best Perspectives Photography

Videography: Cinematic Wedding Creations

Cake: Sugar Fetish Cakery

Florist: The Flower Station

Event Design & Rentals: Creative Touch Designs

Make Up: Sammy Jo Make Up Artistry


Elana Walker, CWP

One Response to “Real Wedding- The Garner Whiting Wedding”

  1. Sue Rakes June 24, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

    I cannot imagine having a meeting with you and not cracking a smile because yours is SO darn pretty and engaging….this couple was one of the lucky ones!

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