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Bouquet Tuesday: Orchids!!!

27 Mar

We love orchids!! They are so bold and exotic and pairing the right orchid with the right dress makes a beautiful statement as any bride walks down the aisle. They are so versatile and comes in several shapes, sizes, &, colors to fit the look your going for. They tend to be pricey but so worth it.




Not Your Ordinary Centerpiece…..

26 Mar

When flowers and candles just won’t do, tap into your creative side with these fresh ideas to add a unique touch to your guest tables.


This resilient plant is designed for tough conditions.

This Desert inspired centerpiece by The Inspired Bride is so easy to create. Adding the numbers to it also allows it to also serve as table markers.

To create your own, all you need is a container that fits the theme of your wedding and succulents of several shapes & sizes, & pebbles and let the DIY fun begin!



Love books? Well what a great way to add a personal touch than with books. Whether antique or brand new, adding your favorite books as your centerpieces will help to personalize your wedding..

Check out the book inspired wedding at United With Love.

Lamps & Lanterns

Adding lighting to your table creates a very romantic atmosphere plus, you can keep the lamps and lanterns to use around the house.

Wine bottles

This is recycling at it’s best!! You can paint them, stick candles, or, flowers in them to spruce them up! They offer a cool shape making them a great DIY centerpiece item.

Fruit & Vegetable

Fresh fruit and vegetables can add a unique yet familiar piece to your guest tables.


Pull inspirations from nature can not only be unique but also affordable.