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Elana’s Top 5 Valentine’s Wedding Tips

24 Jan

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many couples choose this day for lover’s as their day to get married. Here are my top 5 ways to have a beautifully themed Valentine’s Day Wedding.

1. Red isn’t the only Valentine’s Day color!!!

The use of pinks & purples accented with golds and oranges create a beautiful festive glow to any space.

2.Use LOTS of rose petals.

Rose petals help to create that romance and after all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?!


3. Don’t be afraid to use your hearts.

Be careful!! Too many hearts can appear tacky.


4.  Don’t forget the sweets.

Candies and chocolates and cookies are a few things we look forward to on Valentine’s Day. Incorporate it into your event in the form of a treat for your guests.

5. Wedding Stationary

There are several area’s where stationary is used in a wedding so make sure you display your theme through it.

2012 Wedding Trends

22 Jan

As the new wedding season approaches let’s take a look at what’s in for this summer.

White on White

This is an elegant look that will add that touch of class to your formal wedding. Whether a morning brunch wedding or an evening dinner wedding, the purity of renewal will ring loud.

Tangerine and Pink

It’s different, its bold, its fresh, and it’s fun! So why not use this color scheme to brighten your spring, summer, or fall wedding.


This soft color is neither feminine nor masculine thus making it a groom friendly wedding color.

How to personlize your wedding

19 Jan

I always enjoy weddings when the bride and groom allow their personality to show. I have seen custom candy buffets of their favorite childhood candies, UNO cards for table numbers, and, wine bottles for guests to sign with metallic pens in place of guest books. A few areas where you can show personalization is through your stationary, guest book, and the favor.



Your escort card & your place cards are a very important aspect to a organized wedding. I always recommend my clients have arranged seating. An escort card is a card that lets your guest know what table they are suppose to sit at but they can sit at any chair. A place card lets your client know exactly what seat is theirs at the table. Incorporate the theme of your wedding into the card. If your going for a nautical theme, cute anchors to hang off wine glasses are a cute way to assign seats. 

Timeless Paper


The way you number or in a more creative way, name your tables is another way to show the personality of your wedding. If you plan to serve wine, try placing a bottle of wine on each table with a number on it like in the picture below.

Naming your guest tables is also a way to be creative. You can use names of cities you’ve visited together or your favorite TV character.



The guest book is a way to track those who attended your wedding. It allows people to offer their blessings through written word for you to look back and enjoy. However, ask any former bride how often they pull out their guest book and read it. Most of them will tell you never so why not come up with a more create idea that can also express your theme?


You could also make it a fun activity like a sheet of silly questions about the couple that the guest will enjoy filling out at their seats OR hiring a photo booth from shutterbooth.



Wedding favors is a way to say Thank You to your guests. Get creative because guests really enjoy them.

You can go with a candy buffet and share with your family and friends your favorite childhood or adulthood candies:

If you don’t want to do candy, try another treat like cookies, flavored popcorn, or your favorite soda pop.

Who says the favor has be edible? There are a number of favors that your guests can enjoy that goes along with the theme of your wedding. For an eco-friendly feel offer mini plants for your guests to grow.

Have fun and make sure you show your personality through your wedding.



Choosing your Dress: Wedding Formality vs Body Shape vs Skin Tone

8 Jan

When it comes to finding the right dress, you have to consider your body shape, your skin tone, and, the formality of your wedding. You may look GREAT in a ball gown but, if your having an informal beach wedding, your going to look out of place. Not to mention, all that fabric can cause you to over heat.

A Formal Wedding consists of the ceremony being held in the afternoon and your reception will be in the evening. The reception is generally held in a ballroom whether it be the ballroom of a fancy hotel or your local event center. Your guests are expected to dress the part as well. Men will wear tuxedo’s or suits and the ladies will wear long dresses/gowns or pants suites.

A Semi-Formal Wedding is a ceremony that can be held in a more unique place such as a museum, country club, hotel, or, garden just to name a few. The ceremony also takes place in the afternoon and the ceremony in the evening but, guests aren’t required to wear long gowns and suites. Instead ladies can wear cocktail dresses and men wear slacks.

The Informal Wedding allows you to be very creative and relaxed. Informal weddings usually take place during the early part of the day with an afternoon reception. They are usually held at a local park, roof top, restaurant or any other place that shows the personality of the couple. Guests can wear whatever’s comfortable (and wedding appropriate) while they enjoy a short and sweet reception and dine on heavy appetizers or a light meal.

Now that you have a better insight into the formality of the wedding, let’s get into the styles of dresses, the body it fits best, and which formality it is appropriate for.



The empire waist gown in perfect for the bride who is pear shaped or wants to hide her tummy.

Wedding Type: Formal, Semi Formal

This dress is great for a Church but also looks great while getting married at a country club or any ballroom.






Trumpet Gown Trumpet gowns are great for the petite bride with a figure that we all would kill for. Its great for showing off her hips and the curves of her body. You can be tall of short, either way this would be a great look!

Wedding Type: Formal, Semi Formal, Informal

This dress looks great for church weddings, country club weddings, ballroom weddings, and if tapered correctly, garden or beach weddings.



Mermaid Gown

This style is great for showing off your curves and fits to the body tight. The mermaid gown flares at the knees making the small difference between it and the trumpet gown.

Wedding Type: Formal, Semi Formal, Informal

This dress looks great for church weddings, country club weddings, ballroom weddings, and if tapered correctly, garden or beach weddings.


Sheath Gown

If your body shape is slender this is a great way for you to show it off.  It’s great if your having a beach or garden ceremony because it doesn’t have a train that will drag and get dirty. It also works great if your having an evening ceremony followed by a cocktail party theme reception. It’s mature because it doesn’t have all the fluff and frills but, it’s still very elegant.

Wedding Type: Informal

This dress does well for beach and garden weddings. It also is great for a roof top cocktail evening party reception. A lot of Sheath dresses are great if your choosing to wear a second dress at your wedding. Be cautious to how it fits because they can run tight and restrict motion.


A- Line Gown

This style is a great because it compliments just about every shape. The full skirt of the A-line can hide a heavier lower body and/or create the illusion of curves on a narrow frame. If your goal is to slim, the A-line style is a great option that elongates lines creating a slimming effect.

Wedding Type: Formal, Semi-Formal, Informal

This is a very versatile dress. It looks best at a formal ceremony in a church while at the same time, it looks great in a garden wedding.


Ball Gown

The tight bodice and dramatic skirt make this dress a busty girls dream. The dramatic skirt takes away the attention of her large bust, balancing her out.

Wedding Type: Formal

Looks best for church wedding.





Dark Skin Tone lo

ok good in white wedding gown. If you don’t want to wear a white gown, don’t worry. Dark skin tone’s look great in any shade of white. From Ivory to champagne and everything in between.








Medium to Olive Skin Tones look good in champagne or the shiny diamond white dress.






Fair Skinned brides should avoid any of the white color dress to avoid a washed out look. Instead, choose an ivory color dress.





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Wedding Wednesday Q & A on The Fourth of January Two-Thousand and Twelve

8 Jan

Wedding Wednesday Q & A:Whats the best way to go about finding the right style engagement ring, i.e. should i base it on/around ther persons birthstone etc

A: Take someone close to her such as her mother with you to help you pick out a ring. The style and the cut of the ring should compliment the person she is.

Wedding Wednesday Q & A:so if I pay for a photographer/vidoe’r to record my engagement moment, should I feel obligated to pay them even if they person I’m purposing to says no?

A: Of course! You are paying for their time. Anytime you reserve a photographer, your reserving their time and just because things didn’t work out doesn’t mean they can get their time back.

Wedding Wednesday Q&A: My fiance’s family will not be at the wedding because they all live out of state. Is it a must that his guests and my guests sit on separate sides? I’m afraid his side will look too empty.

A: Why have sides. Your all family now. Have your ushers seat people on both sides filling each side up as guests come in.

Wedding Wednesday Q&A: At what point should I start looking for my wedding dress?

A: You should start looking for your dress right away. It may take you months to find the perfect dress or it may take you a day, either way, you want to give yourself enough time. You have to allow time for ordering and alterations.

Green Weddings

4 Jan

Get into the Green of things
To get into the “green” of things, you and your fiance’ should sit down and discuss your wants and idea’s for your day. From there, you can pin point different aspects and turn them green. Start by registering with vendors that supply Eco-friendly products with companies such as and

You can have beautiful stationary and still be Eco-friendly. Such websites as and use tree free or recycles paper for their wedding invitations and stationary while on the other hand;, www.saveoncrafts, offer a selection of plant-able paper invitations and favors. You can also go the paper-less way by using websites such as and that sends guests an invitation online. Another really creatively green thing to do is to make your own paper for your stationary. This allows you to completely control how you want your invitations to look. You can add seeds to make plantable paper or you can put dried flowers and herbs to give it a special look.

Homemade Paper

You will need
Lot’s of scrap paper (old bills, copy paper. Magazine pages are too glossy and newspaper will turn everything gray).
Wooden frames that should be a little larger than the size of the finished paper you want.
A window screen a little larger than the frame.
Staples and hand stapler or staple gun.
Old blender- one you don’t use for food processing *look in thrift stores.
A large rubber plastic tub.
Felt or wool larger than your frames, at least 2 per sheets of paper.
Rolling pin.
Additives for the paper: flowers, seeds, and herbs.
Cornstarch to mix into the slurry and make the paper easier to write on.
Flat or edgeless cookie sheet.
EXTRA’S: cookie-cutter shapes, an apron, extra towels and rags.

COLLECT a lot of scrap paper. Collect good paper- newspaper will turn everything gray; magazines are too glossy and will make everything gunky. Best choices are junk mail, office, computer and copy paper.
Rip your paper up into 1inch squares or shred it into small pieces. This helps to break down the fibers.
Once the paper is shredded, soak in the tub of warm water for at least 2 hour; soaking over night is preferable.
To make a mold, cut your window screen an inch or two larger than the frame then stretch it over the frame and staple it to the backside. If you want your paper to have straight edges you’ll want to use a second frame with no screen; this is called “deckle”. The deckle sits on the mold and defines the shape of the paper. If you want the uneven edges that are a characteristic of handmade paper, don’t bother with deckle.
After the paper is finished soaking, mix it up in your blender at the ratio of 1 cup of paper to 2-3 cups of water. Start with 2 cups; if the mixture is too thick and lumpy add another cup. You want it thick and slurry; like a really thick smoothie, not too watery or too runny. If you want to write on the paper, add a tablespoon of cornstarch. This is called “Sizing” and makes the paper less porous so it doesn’t absorb the ink.
Blend the mix on medium high until it has the consistency of thin oatmeal.
Experiment with colors adding food coloring.
Once your paper of blended into a slurry pulp, fill your tub with about 2 inches of water for every blender full of pulp.
Pour the pulp into the mold then lower the mold into the tub of water at an angle and shake to distribute the pulp evenly over the screen. If you are using a deckle, place it over the mold now, gently shake it back and forth and pull both the mold and deckle up out of the water tub gently. Let the water drain, allowing all the excess water to flow back into the tub.
If you don’t dip the pulp into the water this is the time to add materials such as seeds, flowers, and herbs. Mix them around or place them where you want them.
Use a sponge, to dry off the excess water off the back of the screen.
Lay a piece of felt or wool in top of the paper on the screen and turn the whole thing over- mold and all- onto a hard surface such as a flat edgeless cookie sheet. If the paper doesn’t come off easily, dry the back of the screen some more.
At this point, if you haven’t added your additives, you can do so at this time. You can also make imprints with leafs, or textured objects by pressing them against the paper. Leave the items there until the paper has dried.
Cover the paper with another piece of felt and roll over it with a rolling pin to bind the fibers together and to help imprint any designs. This will help your paper dry faster and flatter.
Let it dry for a day and then it will be ready to use.


The use of organic fabrics is becoming more popular as we move into an environmentally conscious era. Such designers as, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor and L.L. Bean, have used fabrics made from Hemp, Bamboo, Silk, and Tencel to create beautifully stylish garments. Using these organic fabrics can offer a beautiful gown while still being able to preserve the earth ( These fabrics aren’t just confined to wedding dressed, at you can find organic cotton dress shirts for men and at you can find bridesmaids and flower girl dresses.

Using organic fabrics isn’t the only way to tackle the 3 R’s motto. Buying gently used wedding gowns can also help. takes gently used bridal gowns and then resells them. The proceeds go to making wishes come true for breast cancer patients and takes 10% of their proceeds from each sale and donate it to charity.

Always a rule of thumb when trying to be eco-friendly, whatever you buy new, make sure you can use it again.

The Big Day
Choose a location that is beautiful without any to little decorations like a rose gardens, beach, museum’s, and art galleries. Forgo decorating with the crepe paper and balloon and try using ribbons, bows or something that can be recycled later. Rent or borrow what you can such as a trellis, gazebo, tables and chairs, unless you think you will need them again. Finding a location that can host both your ceremony and reception will save on gas for your guests as well as eliminate your out of town guests from getting lost.
Getting married on an exotic beach or location would be beautiful but your concern is that your family and friends wouldn’t be able to afford to attend. Web cast your wedding. Ranging between $250-$750 dollars this is great for families that cant travel to your location or if you want your wedding to take place in a unique destination such as The Hawaii or a cruise. Service should include reservation of your own web space, time of broadcast, an archive for those who missed it, and the option to download it later and save it on a DVD.
Flowers can be a beautiful addition to your wedding. Whether in the bouquet or as a centerpiece, they add life to the occasion but most flowers are treated with harmful chemicals to preserve quality during shipping. Choosing flowers from a certified organic florist not only is more eco-friendly, but for some flowers, they can be edible. What a treat for your guests to have a centerpiece that they can taste. will ship their organic flowers directly to you. If you want to choose fake flowers, make sure to purchase the flowers made of natural products not synthetic.
Choose a “Green Photographers”. They are photographers who use digital cameras and upload their photos to a computer for you to view and choose the proofs you want. This saves paper and eliminates the use of harmful chemicals that are used in developing pictures. Say “NO” to disposable camera’s for your guests and encourage them to bring their digital camera and upload their photos onto or for an album that everyone has access to enjoy.
It is amazing the strides we are taking to preserve the earth and it’s environment
More and more people are going “green” but being environmentally conscious doesn’t stop at household products and eco-friendly vehicles. You can have a beautiful wedding and do it while being eco-friendly at the same time. Continue reading